About Us


Femmixx was conceived and brought to life by poet / journalist Tachelle "Shamash" Wilkes.

Citing the need for more women to actively participate in the hip hop culture and music industry, femmixx.com has launched a worldwide search for the ever elusive female producer who is out there waiting to be heard from.

Femmixx.com is a site where female producers, emcees and DJ's can and will be showcased and encouraged to display their talents whether it's behind the one and two's, behind the mic or behind the MPC's we want to hear from you.

With the industry being a male dominated one it's time that the ladies stepped up to the plate and take a swing and show the guys what they're capable of.

It isn't a battle of the sexes to see who's the best between the males or the females but it's time for the industry to hear what these ladies are up to and to bring some new life into the game.

We've all heard the "KANYE WESTS', "PETE ROCKS", "DJ PREMIERS", "JUST BLAZES" and the whole list of top name producers out there but it's time now for the ladies to be initiated into the circle.

We at femmixx.com know that she's out there just waiting for her time to shine to show the industry what she's capable of and we have no doubt that she's been waiting a long time for someone to shine the spotlight on her.

Well wait no more, we're here to put that spotlight on you and to put you up on that stage to show the industry what you're capable of, it's up to you now to do what you gotta do.

if you know of a female producer, MC or DJ who's out there doing her thing and you want her to get her just due then put them up on our site by letting them know about us.

Send us an email, hit us up on our guestbook, tell a friend and have them tell a friend to get at us.

It's definitely time for the industry to hear about you.


Since our inception we've been contacted by numerous female producers who had no idea that a site like ours existed and that they did have somewhere to turn to for links to other like minded females who are just like them and also as a forum to showcase their beats and their talents.


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Tachelle Wilkes