Fiona Bloom: Jill Of All Trades



By Tachelle Shamash Wilkes



Tachelle: Being a Jill of all trades what are you doing in the industry right now?
I’m wearing a few different hats currently. I produce shows so I’m an event producer and programmer of live music. I’m a publicist. I have a ‘Live from NY’ segment on SKYE Radio channel called Solar Radio.  It comes on every Monday night. I’m also a consultant on International relations/strategy. Help music and lifestyle companies gain access in to foreign territories.  I show them how to make money outside the States and educate on the various nuances with different cultures/countries.
T: Give us a little background 411 on Ms. Fiona – Jill Of All Trades.  Where are you from – all that jazz?
F: I’m born and raised in London, England - lived there up until 21. Moved to Atlanta afterwards and got in to the industry managing artists, throwing parties and DJ’ing on radio then I moved to NY in 1994

T: How would you describe your personality?

F: I’m bubbly, energetic (you have to be out a lot), fun, humble and very personable.  I love to have a good time and want everyone else to do the same.  
T: When did you decide that the music industry was your calling?
I have basically known my calling since I was 4 years old. That’s when I tasted my desires and knew then that I had to pursue music and entertainment. I became a concert pianist and studied and performed from age 4 to 21.

T: What was your first gig in the music?
F: My first gig in music other than the actual being a musician was at a radio station in Atlanta. WRAS-  88.5FM— Georgia State University -  I was the producer/host  of a Jazz show that aired every Sunday afternoon. The first ‘paying’ gig was at WSTR- 94.1FM as assistant music director. My First record gig was moving to NY as National Marketing Manager at  EMI Records in 1994.

T: Tell us more about your artistry.

I was a pianist since the age of 4.  I also took up the violin at age 10.
I took ballet lessons and acting too.

T:  How long have you been working in the industry?
If you count the radio side of things and college radio - I have been in the business for 17 years. If you count solely the record/music promoting side of things it’s been for about 14 years.
T: Tell us about one of your funniest stories that happened while working.
Oh boy— that’s an interview on its own. There are too many to tell. Seriously though I’m not sure I should call anyone out so with that said I’ll just tell a simple story--
When I was doing publicity really hard-core I was a dynamo on the phone. Persistent, tremendous follow-through and never took no for an answer yet at the same time got timid when dealing with major editors/magazines.  I would get nervous...So...A writer at the time called  Ira Robbins who freelanced for several big journals and has published a few books — I would always get his voicemail until one day I actually got him on the phone...I got so tongue-tied that I chewed on my words and ended the conversation saying “I look forward to keeping you on my breast” instead of abreast of things.  He burst out in laughter and to this day said he’s never forgotten that and he always took my calls after that.

T: Who are some of the artists that you have worked with and are currently working with?
I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the finest soul and indie hip hop artists on the planet. Artists I’ve worked with:  MF Doom, C Rayz Walz, Blackalicious, Slum Village,  Bahamadia, J Zone, Maya Azucena, Micranots,  Aloe Blacc,  Atmosphere, Sky Hy,  33Hz,  Anthony David,  Zion I,  Shabaam Saadiq, Ivana Santilli,  Kudu, Mudville, Sway Dasafo, and others.

T: What new projects are you working  on?

F: I’m working on Mix Tape Riot which is a monthly at SOHO 323 where we showcase 4 new artists from around the world/every region. Hip Hop / Soul /R&B/Electro and the vibe is one continuous mixtape. 4 turntables/2 DJ’s and they remix remixes live.  It’s pretty amazing to watch. Syncopated Mix. The crew the BEATards take acappellas and create their own original instrumental and then flip those with different versions of mixes over that. The artists in turn are sprinkled in between and it flows without a break. I love the concept and it’s one of the freshest creatively designed parties I’ve ever been involved with. The next one is July 12th.  I’m also doing the publicity for a Swedish Rapper called CHORDS.  His album drops late July, Soul crooner Anthony David has a 2nd full length dropping in the Fall called ‘The Red Clay Chronicles’  -  I’m the point person for anything outside of the U.S for Urban that’s looking to break in to the U.S and NY market.  I work directly with different cultural offices/consulates/embassy’s. For my personal SELF I’ve enrolled in a heavy intense acting course. Great for the soul- I encourage it to all.  Great learning experience and it really allows you to open up to any possibilities.   Being OPEN is always a benefit. I’m taking voice over workshops too.  I’ve done a few V.Overs and it’s a very lucrative business. Plus, it’s loads of fun. I actually was the voice behind the 3 hour MTV Video Music Awards back in 1999. One of the best and funnest jobs you can have..
T: What is your motto for success?

F: Not sounding cliché or corny but...Never Ever Ever Give Up.
Never think about what’s lacking in your life. Think only about what you have and how to manifest your desires.

T: What last words of wisdom can you offer young women coming out of bad situations who want to pursue their hidden dreams?
F: Nothing in life is easy. The harder you fall, the more you owe it to yourself to bounce back up and really try to make it work.  We all have bad situations. If we weren’t faced with those, we wouldn’t be able to recognize or appreciate greatness. Remember that!  Lastly, we are definitely challenged more by our gender alone...However, never listen to someone telling you it’s an impossible task or it will never happen. Believe in yourself and always know WE ARE CAPABLE OF ANYTHING!!! Women Rule The World....

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