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Interview with Winsome Sinclair: The Casting Icon

Interview By Tachelle Shamash Wilkes

Tachelle: What three words describe your essence?

Winsome Sinclair: Loving, discerning, visionary (wow never been asked this one before).

T: Did you dream about being in the entertainment industry as a child?

WS: Actually no, I loved entertainment, but it wasn't my dream. It chose me.

T: How did you first get into the casting arena? Take us back to that day.

WS: After I graduated from college (FAMU) a girlfriend told me Spike spoke at her school and she took down his address. She kept urging me to take it down for myself. I refused for a while then I finally acquiesced. That was the week "Do The Right Thing" came out. I wrote Spike a letter on a Monday (asking him only for the opportunity to learn). I mailed the letter on Tuesday morning, his executive producer (Jon Killik) called me that Thursday and the rest is history.

T: What duties encompass the day of a casting director?

WS: Depending on the project, film, commercial, or music video, we spend the day vetting talent for the directors and producers so they can choose the best actor/actress for the job.

T: What are some of your favorite movies you worked on?

WS: Oh my I have been extremely blessed. I loved Mo Better Blues, Juice, Malcolm X, Higher Learning, Waiting to Exhale, Amistad, Inside Man, Precious, Sparkle -- just to name a few.

T: What is your best memory while working on a movie?

WS: i have quite a few great memories it’s really hard to pick just one.

T: What advice can you give to aspiring actors?

WS: Stay informed, do your homework, learn to effectively network and always continue to study, take classes, hone your craft.

T: Are any new projects in the works?

WS: Yes definitely, we are actually producing a project that will be shooting in England early next year, in discussions for some film & TV projects here in the USA and some other great stuff that will be announced in the next few days.

T: Where do you envision yourself ten years from now?

WS: Married with children, continuing to strengthen the brands I now head up (WSA, Legacy Media Group, Breezes Lifestyle, Heart of Eden) and continuing to take on any Kingdom business that the creator puts in my path.

T: What lasting words of wisdom can you offer to those who have dreams in life?

WS: Dreams are the beginning of dreams coming true and I am a dreamer at heart. The next step is to making your dreams into goals (Giving them a specific timeline with deadlines) and in all things seek God first for he is the one that makes your dreams come true.

T: How can people keep up with your new projects? Website, twitter, etc.

WS: Yes I have all of the above.. They can follow me on Twitter @wsacasting or on Facebook: